All of our hair collections:

  • Shampoo and condition hair weekly with alcohol and sulfate free products.
  • While shampooing and conditioning the hair, do so in sections with a wide tooth comb or finger comb the hair.
  • Start from the bottom of the hair and work your way to the top.
  • Do not massage the hair.
  • Air drying is best for drying.
  • Over using products will weigh your hair down therefore use alcohol freeproducts and use all products sparingly.
  • Use a very low heat seating on the hair and use a heat protectant when flat ironing.
  • Argon oil is the best product for moisture.
  • Braiding the hair in sections at night is recommended. (Or sleeping with satin cap or pillow case)
  • To avoid tangle or frizz do NOT massage your curls!  Run your fingers through your hair or use a wide tooth comb. Over styling the hair will damage the curl. Air drying is the best process to avoid tangle or frizz.

Blonde Beauty

    • Use the above hair care tips for Blonde Beauty as well.
    • Blonde Beauty has been colored to achieve its color therefore, recoloring could possibly damage the hair. It is strongly suggested that no attempts be made to color the hair again.

Milani Curl

  • Use the above Hair care tips
  • Do not rub your Milani curls, this may cause tangling and frizz! Air-drying  is the best way to dry or for quicker results try blow dryer with diffuser.
    • The Milani curl is meant to be curly and the hair will have a thick effect and will remain. Do not over style the hair

Silky Straight and Loose wave

  • Both of these styles use the above hair care instructions
  • Also both of the styles can be curled and flat ironed.
  • Over processing can damage the hair
  • Use flexi rods or rollers to achieve a fuller look in conjunction to air drying the hair.