Are our extensions 100% human hair?

Yes, every hair extension, clip-in, etc. that we retail is 100% human hair imported from India, no synthetic fibers are added.

Have the hair extensions sold by Vanity L.Y.F.E been processed?

Only our Curly Indian and Brazilian have been processed. However, when we say “processed”, we simply mean that it has been steamed (through the use of sterile water) to create a tighter and longer lasting curl. The steaming process makes the hair extension’s curl pattern a great match for hair that is already naturally curly. None of our hair extensions, including the Curly Indian and Brazilian, have been treated with silicone, additives or extra chemicals.

Does our hair shed?

Human hair sheds; therefore any human hair that is sewn onto a weft will shed. However, the shedding is minimal as long as the hair extension(s) are cared for properly. Anyone that says your hair will not shed is not being honest! To minimize shedding, remember proper maintenance and properly cutting the weft is key. If possible to flip the extensions rather than cut the hair.

Does our hair tangle?

No, our hair does not tangle. With hair extensions, it is important to remember that tangling is typically the result of being exposed to excessive heat or the process of being over-processed (acid washed and/or exposed to silicone). However, our hair extensions have not been over-processed or exposed to harsh, drying chemicals. So, as long as long as you minimize the use of heated styling tools and take proper care of the hair, the hair extensions from Vanity L.Y.F.E. should not tangle.

Can our hair be dyed?

Yes, our hair can be dyed. Our hair is 100 percent human hair and contains no chemicals. Because of this, the process of dying it is fairly simple. Dying the hair will change the texture of the hair extension similar to the way dying your own hair changes it. It is recommended that you seek out a hair care professional when attempting to dye your hair extensions.

How long does our hair last?

Our hair can last up to 2 years with proper maintenance. Purchasing human hair extensions can be expensive. However, the pay-off in purchasing Vanity L.Y.F.E. hair lies in its ability to be re-used. If you care for the hair, it will always look its best and it will last.  Our hair is not miracle hair. Therefore, be mindful that it will require maintenance. Be good to your extensions and they will be good to you and your wallet!