Thank you for choosing Vanity L.Y.F.E. – Love Your Freedom of Expression, we chose this tag line to encourage women to express themselves in such a way that would entice others to enjoy themselves or their hair with much confidence!

Here at Vanity L.Y.F.E. we pride ourselves on customer service, service after the sale, and loyalty. We understand that in today’s market there are millions of customers claiming to offer the greatest quality of hair. At Vanity L.Y.F.E. we are offering unprocessed raw human hair that has the possess the same if not better results than your own natural hair. Our hair is NOT miracle hair. It is merely hair that has been taken from the scalp of a Hindu woman and cleansed to give a lasting look of luster and uniqueness.

After dealing with so many so called “virgin hair companies” and not getting quality products we decided to take things further. We dissect the industry studied why “Brazilian hair” was such a high commodity and why Indian hair was taking the back burner. And after much research and many conference calls to South America, China, and India... we have found that Indian Hair is the way to go.

Furthermore that Brazilian hair is so scarce that is very expensive and authentic Indian hair should be priced much more than Indian hair because the women of South America do not sacrifice their hair and if anything they sell their hair. And because many women do not sell their hair Indian hair is often sold in Brazil as Indian hair. Very few women cut their pony tails in South America. Notice we said pony tails! The hair is not taken from the scalp like those of Hindu customs.

More than likely you are recieveing Chinese hair that has been permed, steamed, boiled, and acid washed to achieve the texture of Brazilian hair. This is why we only offer Indian hair. Also Europeans do offer their hair to be made into extensions. The women of Europe do sale their hair; they do not sacrifice their hair. European women are compensated by the length of their hair. With all things being said, if you have ever wondered why Russian and European hair is so expensive this is why.

We at Vanity L.Y.F.E.  PRIDE OURSELVES ON BEING HONEST AND WILL NEVER WANT TO OFFER OUR CUSTOMER ANYTHING BUT THE ABSOLUTE BEST!  We hoped we have offered you with enough information that will allow your transaction and future purchases with our company to be one of a great experience.

Again thank you for choosing Vanity L.Y.F.E. as your hair extension provider and remember… LOVE YOUR FREEDOM of EXPRESSION!